Navigating complex documents like the Condo Property Act, Reserve Fund Studies, Condo Bylaws and Financial Statements can be confusing and overwhelming. Netregister can provide guidance and support to Condo Corporations, owners, buyers and Realtors looking for clarity and expert advice.

A thorough review of condo documents will benefit everyone

Helping Alberta buyers to understand the Condo Property Act, Reserve Fund Studies, Condo Bylaws, and other related documents

Reviewing condo documents is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you’re making a sound purchase. A thorough document review can help you make an informed decision by ensuring you understand the regulations, restrictions, financial obligations, and potential risks or red flag items. But conducting a review can be time consuming, and the documents can be difficult to understand if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Buyers may turn to lawyers and engineers for additional insights, but these services can be expensive, time consuming, and may result in an incomplete view if they lack experience in the day-to-day operations of condo corporations.

Being prepared is the first step in ensuring a smooth transaction and avoiding preventable issues that may otherwise disrupt your sale.

We can assist sellers that want to be proactive and avoid any potential surprises throughout the selling process. We have even tailored a Basic Review specifically designed for the needs of sellers. Think of it as a pre-inspection for your documents.

Given the current rule changes and renewed scrutiny of the real estate industry can you afford to be unsure of condo regulations?

Whether you are working on behalf of a buyer or seller you have certain statutory obligations that must be met, and we can help. With the ever-increasing complexity of condo corporations, it is difficult for a licensee to stay up to date. In the past Realtors were left with very few options in how to deal with condo documents, this is contrary to other markets, such as Alberta, where document review services are common place and have been for the last 20+ years. By involving us, we can help by reducing the amount of time you spend on documents so you can focus on the key aspects of your role while helping to mitigate liability by having a third party with the proper experience and credentials take on that burden for you.

Being a condo board member can be an exhausting, thankless job, especially if you are self-managed and have few practical options for support. Our custom services are designed to give you added support to navigate meetings, documents, and more.
With the increasing number of new condominium developments in Alberta, it can be difficult for condo corporations to find a manager that suits their needs at a price that is affordable. This is further complicated by a shortage of licensed and experience professionals in the industry. Combined with the growing complexities of governance, and the potential for disputes to arise, self-managed condo corporations can quickly find themselves in less than ideal circumstances.

Consulting Services

We can support with the following:

  • Guidance on the Condo Property Act, and other applicable legislation;
  • Best practices for condo corporations;
  • Drafting budgets;
  • Treasurer support;
  • Drafting minutes;
  • Chairperson Services
  • We can provide support for:
  • Review of the bylaws (pertaining to meeting procedures);
  • Consultation with the board;
  • Rules of order to be included in the meeting package; and,
  • Up to two (2) hours of chairperson services at the meeting.